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Building Update – 23 June 2022

The last 2 months has been spent working on the wet area and the water proofing is more or less complete ready for the tiling. The plumber however needs to install a P trap under the bathtub drain, so will need to hack a little of the concrete and the water proofing around the drain will need to be repaired before the tiling on the common bath can start. You can see the video of myself installing a puddle flange here and some of my water proofing work here.

All the door frames have also been delivered o site, my plan is to install them once I have laid the floor tiles so that I would not need to perform complicated tile cutting around each door frame. More on this soon once the tiling beings.

Our 70,000 litres water tank has also been installed and our plumbers have completed the modification of our house downpipes so that we can being to collect rainwater. Funny that we always gets the heavy downpours before all this is done but when we are ready to collect the rain, there is hardly any in sight! Hope that some good rains will start again soon. Meanwhile, we leave you with the water tank installation timelapse for your enjoyment here.

Finally the image shown on this latest update is a 3 hour star trail taken on the 5th of May 2022.

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