Building Update – 3 September 2021

Rock up 7.40am at site and my portaloo (portable toilet) which was supposed to have been delivered was nowhere to be seen! A frantic call to the hirer and it seems like there was some kind of mix up at the office but he promised that it will be delivered on site within a few hours! What a relief(pun intended)!

Also meet my plumber this morning to mark out exactly where each individual tap and drain will be located. The pre-plumbing work will start on Monday and takes about 2-3 days.

After a slow 9 months, the house is finally at lockup stage! Meet up with the site supervisor, who was running late, at 9.30am this morning to go through some minor outstanding items, which I was promised will be attended to likely within a week.

Things should be progressing now, hopefully without long breaks in between.

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