Building Update – 18 September 2021

All the minor fixes identified during the lockup inspection has been fixed by the builder, so we will be collecting the keys from the builder likely this coming Friday. For followers who are not familiar with house build in Australia, once we use our keys on the locks, the builder’s key would not work, meaning I’ll have to be around or pass a set of keys to subsequent trades in order that they can do their work. For the latest 360VR image of the house, you can see it here.

Spring is really here, this spring being wetter and colder than the last few years. With the temperature warming up, the weeds are growing profusely. Even weeds in bloom can look spectacular in spring! The majority of the yellow, daisy like flowers are capeweed, this is a good indication that the soil is rich and fertile. The purple ones are lupin(a nitrogen fixer) and Paterson’s curse(part of the Borage family). All weeds have a place in permaculture, they are pioneering species meant to take hold where there are deficiencies in certain soil elements. When this deficiency is corrected, other species will follow, eventually crowding out the weeds.

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