Building Update – 29 October 2021

All network cable wirings have been completed. The plasterboards and the home insulation has arrived, so it’s full on home construction (by ourselves at least). Here‘s a time-lapse of the ceiling insulation for the garage.

I’m sort of glad that I didn’t go for the 6m plasterboard sheets which was first quote by a plasterboard supplier and kept it to 4.8m which is the capacity of the plasterboard lifter which I’ve purchased. Even then I’m finding that 4.8m is still a little too hard to handle so I’ll have to wait patiently for my neighbour to be free to lend me a hand.

I’ve contacted the ATU (Aerated Treatment Unit/Sewerage Treatment Unit) installer so that he can start planning his installation. The installation will happen in about a month’s time. Thought I better get that in first before I can plan the sand pad retaining on the South side.

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